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Name:Felicity Smoak
Birthdate:Feb 15, 1988
Location:Starling City, California, United States of America
~ Felicity Meghan Smoak ~

Felicity got a job at OQ fresh out of college. She was a computer genius, who graduated early from high school and was offered an in at MIT. She took it, then jumped at the opportunity to be an IT girl at OQ. She worked happily enough there, if a bit bored, until one day Oliver Queen returned from the watery grave the rest of the world had assumed he'd been lost to. Oliver came to her, asking for help, and offered her some fairly lame excuses.

One day, she went out to her car and discovered a bleeding Oliver in her backseat, asking her to take him to his father's old factory in the Glades. He was dressed in green leather and she then knew the truth: Oliver Queen was the vigilante known as the Hood.

When asked if she would stay and become part of the vigilante team (consisting of Oliver and his bodyguard, John Diggle), Felicity said no. However, she agreed to stay on and help them until her boss, and Oliver's stepfather, Walter, was found. Things got much more complicated and even after Walter was found, Felicity stayed on.

The team became the most important part of her life and everyone involved morphed into her family.

Disclaimer: This is a roleplay journal. I do not own Felicity Smoak or Arrow. I am not, nor am I in any way affiliated with, Emily Bett Rickards. I am NOT making a profit from this journal. This is just for fun.

Warnings: This journal may contain NSFW material. I am over 18 and will only write with those who are also over 18. This is not up for discussion or debate.

Interests (14):

avoiding heights, avoiding nuts, barry allen, central city, computers, hanukkah, john diggle, not fetching coffee, oliver queen, quentin lance, roy harper, solving mysteries, starling city, walter steele
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